November is the month for…



Writing, writing, writing!!

You may have seen the word NaNoWriMo being bounced around social media recently. That’s because November is National Novel Writing Month, the time of year when many people within the writing community go crazy. They assign themselves with the insane challenge of getting 50,000 words of a first draft novel written between 1st – 30th November.

I toyed with the idea of whether to take part. I really don’t have the time. November is a busy month already for me with family birthdays, wedding anniversary and of course Christmas shopping! However, this could be the perfect push to get me writing my next book.

Taste the Dark is coming soon, in the New Year, and will be the first book in a series. However, I also want to write a spin-off novella, that can be given away to readers of Taste the Dark, if they sign up to my mailing list.

So I’m going to give it my best shot to write as much as I can over the next month. All I have at the moment is a bunch of notes and the bones of a plot, so even if I don’t hit 50k, whatever I achieve will be a bonus.

Wish me luck!!