Review: A Shining in the Shadows | Beverley Lee | 5/5

Book two in the Gabriel Davenport series, and aAnother brilliant read from Beverley Lee. I thoroughly enjoyed following Gabe on this new journey in his life, seeing him grow and find his place. And,  you know… vampires! I love vampires!

Once again we are drawn into the ticking countdown of something epic – tension building,  twists turning,  sweeping us along the path towards the dramatic conclusion.  Great stuff!

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Review: The Making of Gabriel Davenport | Beverley Lee | 5/5

Wow,  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The rising tension was present from the start,  but it really kicked in at the midpoint and didn’t let up for a moment, right through to the climax (and a great ending that I didn’t see coming). I’m glad I hadn’t read the reviews first, because there was one thing that came as a total, brilliant surprise.

I’ve not read a horror book for a long time, but I’m diving straight into book two. And maybe now I’ll finally get around to the King and Koontz books in the tbr pile!

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Werewolf photography!

Happy Halloween! I love this time of year, my kids get so excited about dressing up and scaring each other. I think the house is more decorated than it is at Christmas. We have ghosts, witches, bats, zombies, spiders, pumpkins, vampires (of course)…all over the house!

This photoshoot was a lot of fun – taking my son’s plastic werewolf toy out into the garden in the dark, lying down in the mud, trying to hold a torch with one hand and my camera in the other. If any neighbours looked out of their window it would have been quite a scene. The most fun came in Photoshop though, editing and messing around with the picture until it resembled something more realistic than a piece of plastic in the mud.

I think I’ll get back out in the dark again soon and try some more.

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When you’d rather stare into the eyes of a Yurei than the blank page awaiting words…

Did you know I’m also a photographer? It’s a big passion for me, so I’ll be sharing some of my photography on this blog, amongst the writing. With Halloween approaching and the Nanowrimo prep procrastination in full force, I decided to dig out some old photos from a horror shoot that I did some years ago.

I was inspired to create images of a Yurei, a type of Japanese ghost, made famous in films such as The Grudge and The Ring. She typically wears white, has long black hair, and is creepy as hell!! (Seriously, I can no longer watch horror films like that. Something changed in me after having kids and I can’t do it! I even freaked myself out just editing these pictures, and I took them!!! I don’t like to look at them too long!)

What do you think? Do they creep you out?









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