Taste the Dark - Book One - Elwood Legacy


Getting made redundant didn't seem fair, not when I'd promised to sort myself out this time. But then I got a Ducati with the money, and time off to go party... So it's not all bad. Even so, I made a promise that it was time to quit. No more parties, no more reckless behaviour and certainly no more bad boys. Time to grow up. And I will, I’ll get right onto that - just after one last binge.

At least, that’s what I thought. Spring break madness on South Padre Island was only supposed to be a few drunk and dirty one night stands. Then he started stalking me like a weird, delicious devil  – Zac Elwood. People spoke his name with hushed awe, except Anna, who told me he was bad news and to stay away. She should know better than warning me off dangerous things, it makes my skin prickle with excitement. If only he wasn’t  a 6ft package of badass, inked perfection I might have listened.

As if that wasn’t enough to captivate me, then his smoking hot asshole of a brother came onto the scene and started crawling under my skin. They radiate danger; it flows around them like a seductive spell. I don’t know what messed up twisted road I’m going down, but I think it might be the one I’ve been searching for all my life. No way in hell am I stepping off now.


I have walked a lighter path for a long time, choosing to tread the painful, torturous ground of self-restraint. I’ve endured more suffering in my quest to  suppress the darkness than any man could imagine.

Yet it was only four seconds. The moment I saw her. That’s how long it took to know that she was trouble, that she would simultaneously bring heaven and hell to my door.

I should stay away, but she’s all cuteness and sass and so fucking hyped up on adrenaline it makes my head spin. I’m drawn to her in ways I’ve never felt before. The problem is, I don’t just want to screw her. If only it were that simple. Instead, I want to take everything, her whole life, to drink from her and never stop.

Then there's problem number two - My twin stirs up enough shitstorms for me to deal with as it is,  with an eternal bug up his ass about the Legacy, the calling that I refuse to indulge him in. And now I seem to have fallen for a human girl – just the ammo he needs to push me over the edge and into oblivion.


Warning  - this book contains erotic scenes intended for people of 18+ years.