Taste the Dark

The Elwood Legacy Series, Book One

Adrenaline junkie Jess has a past littered with debauchery and self destruction. The recent redundancy was a big wake up call. She needs to sort her life out once and for all. That means no more parties, no more reckless behaviour and certainly no more bad boys. She'll get right onto that, after one last binge.

When she arrives on South Padre Island, along with hordes of spring breakers, she isn't expecting any more than some drunken nights and dirty one night stands.

But not all people on the island are what they seem. She is warned about the Elwood brothers. They are bad news. They are also incredibly hot. Which is why Jess is thrilled to find one of them stalking her one minute and playing hard to get the next. Then there's his twin brother, exuding dominance from every pore. The reasons to stick around are stacking up in her favour.

For vampires Zachariah and Alexander Elwood however, this is not a game. They live in a delicate balance of light and dark, driven by hunger, lust, carnal instinct. And they hate each other. Yet now they are being drawn back into each other's lives. Their long running feud is set to deepen as this enticing new prey enters their territory.

Has she gone too far this time? Is the pleasure really worth the deadly risk for Jess? A risk that not only threatens her, but also the lives of the vampires...